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My Promises

Muskoka and Bracebridge have been blessed with a natural environment that is envied around the world. This much-admired attribute provides a welcoming home for residents, is the reason cottagers willingly invest here and is responsible for drawing visitors from far and wide.


We are blessed with an innovative population, a heritage of succeeding, access to a broad transportation network and Internet connectivity that puts Bracebridge on the cutting edge.


Against this backdrop, it is hard to imagine we have a housing crisis that frustrates young Muskokans wanting a first home, potential new residents and businesses wanting to attract new employees. Among other challenges is the need for adequate healthcare; in particular, mental health services. We have infrastructure that needs attention. And, we need planning that finds the balance between sustaining good growth while protecting our environment, especially our watershed.


If we are to address these issues and more, we need good communication, strong advocacy and informed decision-making. The Town and the District need politicians who are willing to listen to the community and act in the best interest of voters – to be your voice!


If elected, I will make three promises:

1. I will take time to listen to you.
2. I will get answers to your questions.
3. I will deliver on the commitments I make.
Don Smith
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